Shocking Pink (fionnghuala) wrote in lifetimeww,
Shocking Pink

5 Weeks in...

I'd posted this as a comment to another entry, but thought I'd make it a full post so more people see it. Just the story of how I'm doing at the moment:

I've been on maintenance for five weeks now, and am eating three extra points a day. Last week I had my first ever 'gain' week. Big deadline at work followed by a 4 day conference with food provided. So I decided that I wouldn't count point religiously, and would allow myself to eat over-points if I felt I wanted to. In the event it was much easier than I thought to keep on track, and I did at most meals. I had one large dinner at the end - three courses with a massive dish of chocolates with coffee.

The real problem is that for the next few days, when I got home I ate badly. Worse than I had during the days I'd planned to go crazy. Overall I gained 2 pounds over that week. I've been back on track for about 5 days now, and I seem to have lost that 2 pounds, and a bit more to boot. My scale isn't very reliable, but it looks like at least 1 or 2 pounds less than I was before I went away. Go figure!

I'm finding maintenance a little discouraging, because I'm so used to seeing a loss on the scale as my reward / boost for the hard work. Maintaining each week is not really as exciting. I've also started to think I want to lose a little more. Rationally I know I'd rather lose it through exercise at a slower pace than the WW way - once I've got properly to my maintenance way of eating, but secretly I'd like to do it in a few weeks as I now know how to ;)
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