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5 Weeks in...

I'd posted this as a comment to another entry, but thought I'd make it a full post so more people see it. Just the story of how I'm doing at the moment:

I've been on maintenance for five weeks now, and am eating three extra points a day. Last week I had my first ever 'gain' week. Big deadline at work followed by a 4 day conference with food provided. So I decided that I wouldn't count point religiously, and would allow myself to eat over-points if I felt I wanted to. In the event it was much easier than I thought to keep on track, and I did at most meals. I had one large dinner at the end - three courses with a massive dish of chocolates with coffee.

The real problem is that for the next few days, when I got home I ate badly. Worse than I had during the days I'd planned to go crazy. Overall I gained 2 pounds over that week. I've been back on track for about 5 days now, and I seem to have lost that 2 pounds, and a bit more to boot. My scale isn't very reliable, but it looks like at least 1 or 2 pounds less than I was before I went away. Go figure!

I'm finding maintenance a little discouraging, because I'm so used to seeing a loss on the scale as my reward / boost for the hard work. Maintaining each week is not really as exciting. I've also started to think I want to lose a little more. Rationally I know I'd rather lose it through exercise at a slower pace than the WW way - once I've got properly to my maintenance way of eating, but secretly I'd like to do it in a few weeks as I now know how to ;)
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Your story of going away, going off program, and blowing it some more upon your return is familiar to me. It's like any habit; Hard to break. That's the danger of going off the program. My leader once told us about how she stopped having those "off weeks" because she got so tired of all the "make-up work" she'd put herself through when she got home. She has a point there. Not to mention, you risk losing motivation completely. But like I said, I've done the same thing. Good for you for getting right back on!

Maybe you need to create a new reward for yourself, now that the scale doesn't have the same smaller numbers to offer you every week. Buy a little something for your cute new bod every week when you weigh in at goal (hey, I oughta try that!!) Or find something that makes sense for you, that obviously isn't a food reward.

I've also finally started exercising and I must say, I feel 100% better doing it in my new skin. Whatever you do, don't allow maintenance to be "discouraging"!! It's the REAL reward for your accomplishments. It's a symbol that you did what you set out to do. Take some time to thank yourself for that!

(Sorry for my novels - I can't help it!)
The thing about going 'off program', is that I just want to eat like a normal person. I don't want to be like an alcoholic who can never taste alcohol again.

I've slowly realised through weighing myself a lot and noticing what happens, that most people who have a stable weight must actually have it go up and down all the time. Everyone has a big meal in a restaurant occasionally, or goes to a party or gets drunk or celebrates a family holiday, etc, etc. But then, if you're a healthy eater, you just carry right on eating healthily and the extra few pounds quickly drops off.

So I don't think that gaining a bit of weight over a special occasion is anything to worry about. If you're eating at a reasonable level the rest of the time, that will just go with no problems.

I think the danger is that being on any kind of diet makes your eating really abnormal. I certainly catch myself checking my journal to see whether I can have a snack in the evening, rather than genuinely wondering if I'm hungry. Being on WW is a bit like when you start thinking about your breathing - suddenly you can't stop thinking about it and just breathe normally.

So atmo I'm working on getting my eating back to some kind of *normality*. Actually right this minute I've just finished eating a toffee muffin from a snack machine in my office. Ate it because I suddenly realised I was starving and had only had a small lunch. It means I've eaten more points today than I normally would, but actually I don't know when I'm going to go home to get dinner, so I don't think it matters - most days I eat very healthily, so even if I gain slightly by tommorrow morning, it'll be gone by WI in a few days time.
My fiance is also maintaining his weight, and finds it much harder and more discouraging than loosing.
But as I keep telling him, you have done the dirty have lost the you're in for the long haul.
Apparently it is harder to maintain than to loose (I have never attempted maintaining yet so I wouldn't know), but I would definitely believe it.

How about setting new goals for yourself? Maybe fitness working towards jogging a certain # of miles, etc.
It's an idea if you do like working towards goals.
Whatever you do, congrats on getting to goal! That is a huge accomplishment!
Thanks :)

I think maintaining is harder in some ways... and there's the fact that you need to do it for the next 50 years :p
That's true, but that's honestly why i like WW, cause it is possible =)