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I have gained seven pounds! I mean, I am seven pounds over my goal right now. It sucks. Next year I will remember that it is not worth it. I said I would just kinda relax over the holidays and get re-focused in January - not worth it! I can feel the fat on me. Yeah, seven pounds isn't that much, but oh, it is there, and what I would give for a week of 0.8 pounds lost!

It really puts it all in perspective for me, as if I never got it the first time. Weight Watchers is a LIFESTYLE, not a trend or hobby. I want to be healthy, slender, and fit, and am perfectly capable. But right now I am munching and snacking on a little of everything that makes its way through the office.
Today it was Kahlua cake. oh. my. god. It was soOoOoOooOo good.

But worth the points? I think not! Then again, I'm not even tracking points, so what's the use of even thinking about them?

Can I just confess that I really don't like the new journals WW is giving out- the ones that look like checkbooks? I like the old ones with the check boxes at the bottom for water, protein, and milk. I understand the concept of deducting points like money, but I really preferred the old way of journaling, and find it annoying that I can't buy a new old journal. What a pathetic excuse for not keeping track of what I'm eating, though, huh?

Anyway, as of January 1, like the rest of the world, I'll be getting back on track. Last year I lost 28 pounds. This year I can easily lose the seven I need to lose to keep my money in my wallet every month, and on top of that, I'd like to shed another three, and make my new personal goal 137 pounds. It'll look killer on me.

Hope everyone else is managing to have more control through the holiday season. Lord knows I blew it long ago!
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