Jamie (suesheeme) wrote in lifetimeww,

A dent from Lent

Just a quick update for all you lifers out there. Ever since I cut out chocolate at the beginning of Lent (just over a week ago), I am finding myself losing weight again. I'm otherwise not doing a whole lot differently. I guess those small bits of chocolate (kisses, fun bars, treasures) have more fat and calories in them than I thought. I used to have at least one after lunch. Now, nothing. I am actually finding my trouble spot - the lower belly - responding especially well to this new regimen. It's flattening out again. Sit-ups are helping, but I'm telling ya, it's the chocolate. The lack thereof.

I'm not saying that I LIKE it, this crazy "living without chocolate" thing, especially at this time of the month! But it's nice to know that, if only for selfish reasons, my sacrifie for Lent is paying off. :)
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I just joined WW this week, so I'm reading this community for some inspiration...

I totally can't give up chocolate. But I am going to try some of the WW chocolate desserts and see if they hit the spot. I really hope they are decent!
Good for you for joining WW! If you are anything like me and most people I know, and you are ready, you will love it and it will be pretty easy!

There are SoOOOooOoo many good recipes out there for everything... just jump right in and keep an open mind. In no time you will learn the things you like and probably just stick with those. A good community for support is ww_users. And I also highly recommend Healthy Choice's frozen fudge bars (only 1 point!)

Good luck on your journey and keep us posted!