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Getting back on track

I weighed in today for the first time since last July, when I was four pounds over my goal. Today I was ten pounds over. I look at this as no big deal, trying to remain positive. I am definitely committed to getting rid of these ten pounds though, because I just don't need them (heh) and I will feel a whole lot better when they are gone.

Here's to new beginnings! *raises glass* (of water)

I don't know what the new WW program is like, and frankly, don't much care. I am just going to do everything I did before, with perhaps a little bit more exercise. I hope to get back to goal weight within about three months.

Last year I ran a half-marathon and although I am not currently in nearly as good physical shape, I am considering run/walking another in about one month. Not for competitive purposes; just to show myself I can do it, burn a bunch of calories, and get moving again.

Hope all you other "lifers" are doing well this New Year's! If not, now's the time to get refocused.
We can all do this, we know, because we've done it before.
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I know exactly what you mean about re-focusing. I just bought a bunch of ww-friendly foods and I renewed my subscription to WW Online.

Happy losing!
Same to you! Good to know this community is awake. :)
that's it, just get back on track. You'd be amazed how easy it is once you stick to it for a week again! I gained a few pounds over the holidays myself but I'm back on the path to ditching them!
Right on, you and me both! Let's do it.

I bought the new WW 2-pt cheese twists, and they're awesome! I keep them in my desk at work because I am always a raving lunatic by 4:30 p.m.
hmm haven't tried those. Do you buy them at the centers or at the grocery store?
I bought them at the meeting. Don't think they're sold in groceries stores, but I could be wrong.
I gained about 14 since the wedding, and tried core and only gained on it. You're smart to do what you were doing before.
What is Core? Haven't heard of that.
Core is basically a healthy foods only plan.
whole wheat pasta, a potato, or brown rice only once daily
milk products (fat free) are core
all fruits and veg are core, and they want you to get 2 healthy oil servings a day

it gets very boring and I ended up eating oatmeal all day long to make up for what I was missing (Real food)
Bleh, that sounds depressingly bland. I'll take the regular WW program over anything else, honestly.
I came across your profile on the lifetime WW community. I'm brand new to Livejournal, and still figuring out how to do this stuff. But just from scanning your entries, it seems like we have a few things in common. I love to run, I'm a lifetime WW member (but above goal right now) and I live in San Diego. Just thought I would say hi!