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God Bless Trader Joe's!

I would just like to show everyone what I have been buying at Trader Joe's ever since I started weight watchers in January. I think I owe a lot of my success to that store! If you aren't one of the lucky ones with a neighborhood store near you, I'll tell you that Trader Joe's is not all nose-in-the-air health food or even particularly expensive; it's just gourmet, extremely tasty, and generally more healthful food!

Oh, and I keep this list stored on my computer so when I need to go shopping, I just highlight the things I know I need and I'm off. Of course, there's always five or six items that end up in my cart that I simply couldn't refuse. If I like what I buy, the list gets longer. Works for me!


Bruschetta topping
Cheese - lowfat cheddar
Chicken Noodle Soup - lowfat
Coffee - Italian Roast
Crackers - Savory Thins
Dressing - Lowfat (Basil or Ranch)
Egg Substitute
English Muffins - Fat Free
Frozen Chicken Breasts
Frozen Chicken Shu Mai
Frozen Fish
Frozen Pot Stickers
Frozen Scallops
Frozen Shrimp - uncooked, de-veined
Frozen Shrimp with Vegetables
Frozen Vegetable Enchiladas
Hummus - Tomato and Basil
Olive Oil Cooking Spray
Pine Nuts
Salads - Ready to Eat (shrimp, caesar, greek, SW)
Spaghetti Sauce - Garlic
Veggie Canadian Bacon
Wheat Bread (fat-free)
Wine - Champagne - Asti
Wine - Shiraz - Crocodile Rock
Wine - Zinfandel - Cline
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Instead of English Muffins you should try their crumpets- they're only a point a piece.

I also recommend the mushroom-goat cheese dip for those nights when you want to indulge a little- 2 Tbsp= 1 point
WOW! That sounds awesome! The hummus is the same point measurement, and if you have it with "savory thin" chackers, 15 crackers are two points. A great munchie snack with wine! (was a hit at a recent get-together.)
i don't think mine sells alcohol, but they do sell these cookies. i think they're called french twists or something, and they are so YUM! they taste and look like bowtie pastries, and they're one point each for a decent sized cookie.
Since I have nicknamed myself Cookie Monster, I will definitely have to check those out! Thanks for the suggestion!