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Back at Goal Weight!

I weighed in for October today and I was so happy to see that I am finally back within my goal weight range!

Ever since my vacation in August I haven't been at goal weight and have had to pay at meetings. I was only four pounds over at my worst, but what a difference that makes on the wallet after you hit your goal. It's a great incentive to stick with it. Today I didn't have to pay, so I rewarded myself by buying their new cookbook, "In One Pot". It was only $9.95, so I bought two, and I'll use at least one as a Christmas gift for one of my sisters (they're both on the program now). You guys should check out this book the next time you hit a meeting. It has some GREAT receipes, especially if you like cooking soups, meats, or using a crock pot.

Anyway, just wanted to share my update with you all. It would be great to hear about progress on your end! Who's still at goal weight? Who's ignoring the program or struggling to get back down?
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