Jamie (suesheeme) wrote in lifetimeww,

Still a work in progress.

I AM in control. Those Krispy Cremes looked real good, but I passed them by, cursing my way out.

I will NOT steal chocolate from any candy jar. I will sacrifice my love for chocolate in the name of Jesus for the next 38 days. It will be hard, but it must be done. (Yes, for selfish reasons; Not just my love for Jesus, but my love for the skinny bod I am capable of having but don't currently have. Some Catholic, eh? Vanity rules.)

I WILL keep track of my points in my own quasi-journal. A small, hand-held notepad, accessible at the nearest Sav-On. No excuses. No negotiations on this one. It's the only thing that works.

I WILL show up at weight watchers meeting every week that I can afford to do so until I am reasonably within goal weight range again. Being 10 pounds over is not acceptable.


How are you doing?
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I'm having trouble staying motivated. I've lost as much as I want to lose, but I still feel fat. I don't think I'm anorexic, as exercise is out of the question and I still eat plenty (usually using 2-4 flexpoints a day), but I want to keep losing! My goal weight was 169 (the top of my height range for any age) and I'm down to 156 at 5'9". That puts me in a sz. 8, which looks damn good! I guess I just need to journal more often. I need to get a little notebook (Maybe I will steal the travel log from my car and use that.)
Ya know, you've probably already heard this, but exercising will really help you feel better about your body. You've obviously lost the weight, so now is a good time to get more active and tone yourself up. Why do you say exercise is out of the question?

Incidentally, I made myself run for 20 minutes on the treadmill this morning, then stretched, lifted weights, and did sit-ups, and I feel 110% better than I did when I wrote that post yesterday. It was an investment of one hour of my time and it made a huge difference in how I feel - and look.

Good for you keeping up the journaling - that is currently my biggest challenge.
i got a boyfriend, starting eating a lot and feeling really content, and gained 10 pounds. I am getting back on track and have lost 4.5 i think!
That's great news! Good for you!