Jamie (suesheeme) wrote in lifetimeww,

Still a work in progress.

I AM in control. Those Krispy Cremes looked real good, but I passed them by, cursing my way out.

I will NOT steal chocolate from any candy jar. I will sacrifice my love for chocolate in the name of Jesus for the next 38 days. It will be hard, but it must be done. (Yes, for selfish reasons; Not just my love for Jesus, but my love for the skinny bod I am capable of having but don't currently have. Some Catholic, eh? Vanity rules.)

I WILL keep track of my points in my own quasi-journal. A small, hand-held notepad, accessible at the nearest Sav-On. No excuses. No negotiations on this one. It's the only thing that works.

I WILL show up at weight watchers meeting every week that I can afford to do so until I am reasonably within goal weight range again. Being 10 pounds over is not acceptable.


How are you doing?
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