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Getting back on track

I weighed in today for the first time since last July, when I was four pounds over my goal. Today I was ten pounds over. I look at this as no big deal, trying to remain positive. I am definitely committed to getting rid of these ten pounds though, because I just don't need them (heh) and I will feel a whole lot better when they are gone.

Here's to new beginnings! *raises glass* (of water)

I don't know what the new WW program is like, and frankly, don't much care. I am just going to do everything I did before, with perhaps a little bit more exercise. I hope to get back to goal weight within about three months.

Last year I ran a half-marathon and although I am not currently in nearly as good physical shape, I am considering run/walking another in about one month. Not for competitive purposes; just to show myself I can do it, burn a bunch of calories, and get moving again.

Hope all you other "lifers" are doing well this New Year's! If not, now's the time to get refocused.
We can all do this, we know, because we've done it before.
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